Estimados colegas,

La Dr. Petra Kuivala nos ha comunicado el siguiente «call for papers» que compartimos con vosotros por si pueda ser de vuestro interés.

We are calling for contributions on the topic of crises in the history of Christianity. Crises are problematic situations or turning points that challenge the political, religious, social, or personal status quo. Crises can be sudden or prolonged; global or local; human-caused or out of our hands; they are often characterised by uncertainty, threat and distress. In the face of a crisis, traditional solutions fall short and new approaches are called for. Crises revolve, therefore, around the issues of continuity and change: they are crossroads at which thoughts, actions and experiences take a new course. 

The history of Christianity, too, can be traced through its crises. Political and social crises impress upon churches and their members: wars, pandemics, natural disasters and the climate crisis have affected both individuals’ spirituality and the actions of religious communities. On the other hand, religious communities may struggle with internal crises triggered by diminishing participation, doctrinal differences or moral scandals. At the individual level, many Christians in history have experienced a crisis of faith. As triggers for penance, reform or conversion, personal spiritual crises also have a positive role in Christian traditions. 

Our next issue asks what kinds of crises are entailed in the history of Christianity and how religious communities and individuals have reacted to them. Also of interest are crises of scholarship and historiographical turning points. Please send an abstract of your proposed article via email ( by October 16, 2020. The proposal should include the topic of the article and justify its originality or novelty. You will be informed about the choice of proposals in mid-November. The complete manuscript must be submitted by March 12, 2021, after which it goes through a double-blind peer review process. We welcome articles in English, Swedish and Finnish. 

We also publish surveys, reports and reviews of scholarly books and related art and entertainment. They must be submitted by 31.8.2021. Please contact the editors for details and to arrange for review copies 

The Yearbook of the FSCH is a traditional journal of church history published since 1919. Its articles go through a peer review process in accordance with the criteria of the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies. The yearbook’s release date is 19th of January 2022, the Society’s annual festival and the feast of Saint Henry (Henricus). 

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